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The Revit Structure Interface is a tool that is used to transfer projects between Autodesk Revit Structure and SCIA Engineer. The projects are transferred with the help of a free plug-in for Revit Structure that can be freely downloaded on the SCIA website. (see more about instalation here)

Revit Structure Interface is also called the Revit link and will be referred to as such. The file format which is used between Revit and SCIA Engineer is R2S (= Revit to SCIA).

For more information about Revit link, we refer to the ‘Getting started’ & ‘Best Practices’ from CADS (which you find in the help of the plug-in in Revit).

The Revit link works with the analysis model, architectural elements are not supported.

Revit link requires Revit Structure and SCIA Engineeron users computer.

The link is installed to Revit Structure applications (as a plug-in). It is displayed in the tab Add-ins (CADs from build 244). There are buttons and dialogues which provide link between Revit Structure and SCIA Engineer.

The setup can be found on the installation DVD of SCIA Engineer or on the secured download web site for SCIA users.

The file format R2S is used between Revit Structure and SCIA Engineer .

The export from Revit Structure works in two ways:

  1. Revit Structure opens SCIA Engineer directly and import the project to it
  2. Revit Structure saves the imported file to R2S format and user can import it afterwards to SCIA Engineer

This manual describes using Revit Structure, Revit Architectural is not supported.

The proper materials and cross sections in SCIA Engineer is defined by mapping tables. Mapping is user defined or based on national codes. Find more about mapping here.

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