Release notes - SCIA Engineer 16.0

The following issues have been fixed in SCIA Engineer 16.0.
Description of the issue Ticket number
A small translation error for importing items in the Engineering report has been fixed. NWEB-99G9HA
The texts that were not localised to Polish have been translated. Reported mistakes in the Polish translation have been corrected. RMAA-9U8H7H
The problem with deleting of results of calculated reinforcement after opening output document or Engineering report was solved. NNLL-9UWD24
Evaluation of interaction diagram unity check was corrected in concrete service. JPOL-9VSFDF
There was a problem with results pictures (on 2D members) with numerical values shown as flags. These falgs were exceeding the picture edge. This was fixed. All tets are now visible inside the picture. JPOL-9WHAWD
Reinforcement from different input is now correctly taken into account for code dependant deflection analysis. NNLL-9XJJVH
We have fixed issue when icons disappeared from menus when the skin of SCIA Engineer was changed. HBAI-9Y8FB8
Polish translations in the new concrete commands were corrected. JPOL-9YXCJC
Stress-strain diagram for material was removed during XML update. The export of stress-strain diagram in material properties was fixed therefore newly exported /created XML can update a project properly. NNLL-9YWKBU
In some cases generated load from free line load which is input in different plane than XY was displayed in wrong direction. Drawing of generated load was fixed. NNLL-9Z3CL9
Failure message appearing during nonlinear analysis when using bow imperfections was fixed. CSCT-9ZDAES
Too many load cases caused crash in particular cases. Fixed as new warning message with information how to proceed. RCCA-9ZK55U
The error messsage about critical error in integrity of a storage was fixed. It also gives the user a hint what to do in case of wrong reference is found by structure data check. NNLL-9ZRBTX
Traffic loads generator: Previously generated loadcases are now regenerated without crash. NNLL-A35E6U
Wrong values of internal forces from prestressing have been corrected. JBES-A4CHLF
The problem with missing stirrups was solved (the corection of calculation projection of shear cracks was changed, simplified calculation of value z now is used, it means z =0,81*h) NNLL-A46FGG
Typo in Dutch version of Check structure data dialogue was corrected. NNLL-A4XHAZ
The problem with bending moment around z axis in some special cases (especially for cantilever) for design of reinforcement was solved. HWRE-A4YD8E
If number of curve vertexes defining free load exceeds the max. allowed number (200 vertexes) a warning is displayed and analysis aborted. NNLL-A52KFA
Typo in Palette setting for results was corrected. Button "Help" in this dialogue navigates to correct web help page. JPOL-A54DFC
Crash in 3D displacement result happening in case of nonexisting item in Named selection was fixed. JBES-A54KAP
EC-EN Connections: Drawing of dimension lines for end-plate has been fixed. NNLL-A59D4N
Some pop-up menus (e.g. "View direction") were displayed on wrong screen (in multi-screen layout) if SCIA Engineer was placed on the screen left to the main Windows screen. It has been fixed and these menus are displayed at correct place. JPOL-A52C44
Mistake in calculation of von Mises stress in case of 3D stresses was fixed. NNLL-A4YDDZ
The calculation of stirrup distance and diameter was adapted in specific cases. NNLL-A54EMF
EC-EN Connections: Results are not deleted after closing of connection setup. NNLL-A5U93T
Misleading Czech translation of one of properties in Result picture generator was fine-tuned. JPOL-A5WF26
Problem with zero edges of polygon of dimension lines during moving or mirroring the structure with dimension lines was fixed. NNLL-A5WANG
A translation error for haunches in connection drawings has been fixed for the Dutch language. NNLL-A5YBTG
Crash of SCIA Egnineer during running of FEM calculation in a specific use case was solved. JEAM-A6DE6Q
Problem with reactions for seismic load cases if batch analysis (linear and modal one) is run has already been fixed and reactions are correct. NNLL-A6DBTZ
When the customer has many very big models (for instance around 300 MB) open at the same time and he tries to save one of them, the error message appeared. This problem was solved. RCCA-A6KP7V
3D wind load generation on structure with duplicite nodes was fixed. Also currently Check structure data fixes the duplicity of nodes. NNLL-A6QM9C
Validity status of Result picture generator was corrected. Now Result picture generator is marked outdated when the result invalidated. NNLL-A6QCLE
Wrong values of Equivalent lateral forces loading in particular configuration of storeys was fixed. NNLL-A6SJ5E
Crash during redrawing of 2D results was fixed. GVAN-A6YBAT
Secondary forces from prestressing in ID check are not taken into account for phased cross-section.
Ortothropy parameters were incorrectly exported within the project. This issue could have been easily overcome by using "Check structure data". Still the functionality regarding export of ortothropy properties was updated to prevent storing of invalid data. NNLL-A6TCMR
Free load with system projection was exported as free load with system length. It was fixed and it is exported as defined in properties. RMAA-A73HJP
Part of callendar for specification of end date of modules during borrowing was not visible in case of higher DPI defined in Windows. It was fixed. NNLL-A79EZ9
Incorrect input data for mesh generation in a specific project is not possible to create anymore. JPOL-A7AL82
Openings on beams used for analysis were not allowed for beams with property " axial force only". Input of opening with the option use for analysis ON is not possible any more. NNLL-A787VR
In some special cases the Project Manager was disproportionately loading the CPU. It has now been fixed. GVAN-A7FEN6
Fixed an issue in dimension lines which were not properly showing the modified dimensions after AutoDesign.
There was a problem with beams in CAD only layer connected to cross links. This use case was fixed. NNLL-A7FKCL
In some special cases the project manager tree starts flashing (collapsing and uncollapsing). It has been fixed. GVAN-A7MF3A
Crash of 3D stress caused by nonexisting items in Named selection was fixed. NNLL-A7MDDX
The question dialog showing the number of expected combinations is shown during exploding to linear combinations to avoid unexpected time delay. JPOL-A7NEF3
In some cases a wall consisting from more parts (representations) was imported with only one part. Currently all parts are imported as a general volumes as it is not possible to create a native wall consisting from more subparts in SCIA Engineer. NNLL-A7FJKL
In case that IFC file schema is incorrect a warning is displayed and empty project opened. NNLL-A7LDDD
Some of opening profiles which are used for analysis were not created properly for the analysis. The export of profiles for the analysis was fixed. NNLL-A7QANF
Setting of Min and Max theta angle was not correctly used in calculation of concrete structures. It is now corrected.  
According to value of Normal force it is decided which value is taken from the NA setting (no normal force -> cotg = 1,2, compression -> cotg = 1,2, tension -> cotg = 1,0 by default)  
Theta_min = Theta_max in this case. Because formula (NA.6.7a) (from DIN EN 1992-1-1) is calculated as greater than Theta_max. NNLL-A7ME73
Scaffolding Coupler Check: Reduced the size of the text in the columns in order to reduce the table width.
All slabs connected to another slab (directly or indirectly - that share the same Z node coordinate) were taken into account when updating effective width and one (or more) of the slabs opening caused a problem. Fixed in the code. NNLL-A7PKA9
Timber EC-EN: Fixed an issue in the SLS check to make sure the Service Class set in Timber member data is properly accounted for. NNLL-A7TLFM
There was a problem with result class with many nonlinear combinations inserted. For result class with 62 NL combinations results were displayed, for result class with 63 NL combinations results were not displayed. This problem was fixed. MTOC-A7ULEX
Steel EC-EN: Fixed an issue in the diaphragm stiffness in case a general cross-section is used. NNLL-A7QBU4
Timber: An issue was fixed in the combination algorithm which caused a wrong combination type to be set for a class. This in turn led to an incorrect safety factor. RMAA-A7VKK7
Profile Library: Corrected the area of the QRO300x12.5K section which led to an incorrect self-weight. HBAI-A7VJ8J
Filter for nonlinear classes is corrected in new concrete checks. ISCS-A7WFC7
The LCS of polyline member parts was fixed therefore the profile won't be rotated as before. NNLL-A7TP8C
Steel EC-EN: Fixed a crash when using LTBII in case Mcr could not be calculated (due to the presence of torsion).
There was a speed and memory problem with displaying of "Seismic detailed" result on bigger structure (crash after several minutes of calculation). The problem was fixed. Now the same result is displayed in 2 seconds. JBES-A82C6Q
Bad error message after nonlinear analysis (about Jakobi matrix) was read from error file. Fixed. NNLL-A82BSQ
Steel EC-EN: Fixed an issue in the cold-formed torsion check using Von Mises. The maximal unity check of all three subchecks is now properly detected. NNLL-A83CY8
Abnormally large values displayed during input of free surface loads were fixed. JPOL-A83BTU
Problem with entities which are not assigned to particular construction stage was eliminated. A warning before calculation is displayed and no stage is filled in the properties. NNLL-A4LMCD
Stirrups, which were in particular cases ignored, are correctly taken into account for shear and torsion check now. JBES-A84E5Y
Wrongly generated intersections in case two nodes are close to each other were fixed. ISCS-A7XE43
An issue has been solved for projects created in older versions, where the shifted moment line in the new concrete menu was by default taken into account, even though it had been deactivated in the concrete member data. JBES-A84EMR
Problem with linear and nonlinear calculation calculated together through batch analysis was detected and fixed. NNLL-A83MLF
Nonsentical message during copy of load from load case to another one was fixed. NNLL-A82KNK
When there is only one nonlinear combination in project and nonlinear calculation ends due to singularity, calculation is correctly aborted from now on. JPOL-A83KC5
Steel British Strandard: Modified the TLX file for the brief output table. NNLL-A867VQ
Bw value in concrete detailing check was corected. NNLL-A84L35
Changes in strings due to SCIA rebranding was implemented. NNLL-A86CMN
Instability when using orthotropic and rotation of local coordinate system for 2D member was eliminated. NNLL-A84EJT
Change of buckling system by means of graphical input of system length is now correctly updated in the Buckling data manager. NNLL-A89GJK
Automatic update of point masses generated from point force on beam was fixed. NNLL-A7MKA3
Member Buckling Data: The content of Member Buckling Data is now properly copied in case a member including Member Buckling Data is copied. NNLL-A8AHAC
Lock symbols (to distinguish used items in a library) were added to orthotropy library. NNLL-A8BBTB
Tabular output for result Displacement of nodes was not displayed in preview window in case of stability combinations. Now we can display it. HBAI-A8CKJM
Problem was in a node which belongs to both point intersection and line intersection. The issue was fixed in new version. NNLL-A8DBTH
Shortcuts: Fixed the shortcut used for the relative deformation services in Results and Steel. JPOL-A8HHE5
EC-EN Connection: Theoretical background document has been updated in chapters concerning block shear resistance calculation. HBAI-A8LH5N
Problem with displaying of wrong value for climatic point load was fixed. NNLL-A8Q9VG
Freeze window in case of definition of reinforcement was fixed. NNLL-A8QCN7
Czech names of combinations according to IBC have been corrected. JPOL-A8WGBU
EC-EN Connections: The calculation of negative bearing resistance has been fixed. JPOL-A8WKGU
Nonsentical message about impossibility to copy load from one load case to another was fixed. JPOL-A8ZCGZ
EC-EN Connections: drawing of the dimension lines in monodrawings was improved. NNLL-A92FS7
New Concrete 15 checks and design outputs are translated into Polish. RMAA-A78FUL
Incorrect characters (1#IO) were randomly displayed in a message about finished calculation. In the latest version we are not seeing this issue. JPOL-A8XBTG
Incorrect results for class of internal forces in '1D internal forces' and 'Concrete 15' service in some cases of huge amount of involved combinations were fixed.  
Negative value of unity-check for capacity-diagram calculated for columns loaded only by normal force - the algorithm has been corrected. JPOL-A8XA2C