Release notes - SCIA Engineer 16.0 - Patch 1

The following issues have been fixed in SCIA Engineer 16.0.1071
Description of the issue Ticket number
Incorrect generation and display of load on shells under certain circumstances has been fixed. JPOL-98UJEE, NWEB-9HYFC3, RMAA-9RUC72, RMAA-9RUC72, NNLL-A2LKA5, RMAA-A58HRT, NNLL-9TCM9W
Calculation of code dependent deformation for slabs of variable thickness has been fixed. NWEB-9DVFRL
The issue of incorrect evaluation of results on beams with deleted supports has been fixed. JBES-9PNR5D, NNLL-9R2JL7
Table results: All properties are now correctly considered while loading values to Table Results without the necessity to click the "Refresh" action button first. JBES-9ZRAQA
The issue with the planarity precision of integration strips defined on subregions has been fixed. NNLL-A63BTC
Under special configuration, unexpected Mx moments appeared in beams after second order analysis leading to large rotation. The issue was the combination of the applied numerical method and large rotations. A new method has been developed and implemented to handle this specific configuration. NNLL-A6EEJV
The issue with empty pages appearing in the Engineering Report after an external report was inserted has been fixed. Also the header and footer of the inserted Report are now properly handled. NNLL-A6KHPL
Cut-outs in a connection of 10 tubes modelled by shells are not supported. It is a too complicated configuration in which some removed parts would be too small. NNLL-A6KJV6
Excel Check: The issue with a proper input of strings in the string database has been fixed.
Drawing in 3D: Drawing od rendered shape on arbitrary beams with complicated cross-sections was simplified even if the precise drawing was switched ON in geometry/graphics settings. This has been fixed. CSCT-A79DYV
The calculation of cracks in 2D members for result classes has been updated. NNLL-A7TBSP
There was an issue in the design of steel connections according to EN that some texts were not localised in non-English environment. This was caused by user-property names written directly in the connection check template (tlx file). The template has been cleaned and all texts are now properly translated. JPOL-A83KEL
On some computers it was not possible to click on some buttons in the Solver dialogue. This has been fixed. JPOL-A86CHN
Displaying of buckling system on all members has been fixed. NNLL-A8AM7X
Design of steel connections according to EN: The problem with disappearing structure during modifications of the connection has been fixed. NNLL-A8BKMY
The problem that some internal edges were not copied has been fixed JBES-A8HB5V
Crash of solver in a specific situation has been fixed. NNLL-A8FJ4K
The cosmetic issue with the button for creation of a new report from a report template has been fixed RMAA-A8HE98
There was a problem if a large number of materials was defined for 2D members and just a few for 1D members. This has been fixed and the Solver is now able to deal with such models. NNLL-A8KJW9, RMAA-A8WH9C
Absences and construction stages cannot be combined in one project. If CADS composite beam is ON, some profiles are calculated as if construction stages are defined. A warning is now displayed before the calculation. NNLL-A8LB2B
A new message has been added and the code has been modified. It is not possible to add a seismic load case to a linear combination. NNLL-A8PGYU, NNLL-A8PGYU
The problem in the stability analysis for the "Subspace iteration" method has been fixed. NNLL-A8QEZ8
There was an issue in the evaluation of reactions for line supports, point supports and supports on beam in construction stages analysis. This has been fixed. RMAA-A8QD4X
The problem with loads and load cases during export of the model into a new project has been fixed. Now, both loads and load cases are correctly exported. NNLL-A8SL4X
Highlighted loaded members are now updated automatically after project opening. JPOL-A8XAVQ
Steel AISC: Formula (H3-6) is now properly using the absolute values for the internal force components. NNLL-A8WJ42
The crash appearing in special situation during the linear analysis with dynamic load cases has been fixed. NNLL-A8ZCZH
The issue with incorrect removal of very small generated load after calculation has been fixed. NNLL-A8WKAA
Design of connections according to EN: Beam eccentricity is now correctly taken into account in the drawings. NNLL-A9293U
The issue with a changed input point for a 3D line grid has been fixed. Now, the line grid is correctly inserted in the selected point. IBES-A96BX8
Fixed problem with labels for loads. IBES-A96E58
Pond Load: The option 'Detailed Edit' is now hidden when inputting a new instance of a Pond Load until the input is completed.
The issues with the Result table for stresses on 2D members with polar LS has been fixed. GVAN-A98JGT
Inconsistent notation for radius of gyration in calculation of slenderness has been fixed. The notation "around LCS axis" is used. NNLL-A98HCB
There was discrepancy in determination of coefficient alpha_cc in calculation of internal forces and slenderness for concrete members with/without reinforcement. The solution has been unified for concrete check and design calculations. NNLL-A99DTQ
Cross-sections: A scroll bar has been added in the 'New cross-section' dialogue so the description of existing sections in the project can be properly seen.
French translation has been updated to fix reported issues. JEAM-A9DBCB
Steel design: There was an issue in the Check output if the path to the TEMP folder contained diacritics. This issue has been fixed. NNLL-A9KFQY
Under certain circumstances it was not possible to generate the FE mesh for a slab with tendons and subregions. This issue has been fixed. NNLL-A9GBFH
There was an issue when generating the intersection if a slab was connected to another one at the opening edge. This has been fixed. NNLL-A9MBF2
AutoDesign: Fixed an issue in the 'Change' button which caused the modified cross-section to be ignored so the original one was still used.
Drawing of Beta yy and Beta zz in Concrete Slenderness check was switched. RMAA-A9UBL2
There was a problem in changing the activity for gallery and report pictures. Thishas been fixed and it works properly again. NNLL-A9ZE7K, NNLL-AA3BGR
The program running in German environment was crashing while exploding the combination. This was caused by a mistake in German localisation. The issue has been fixed. IBES-AA3QCD, NNLL-AADENE, IBES-AA3PSP
The issue in the import of curved beams with revolved area and solid representation has been fixed. NNLL-AA4PZX
Design of connections according to EN: Calculation and drawing of the end-plate has been fixed. NNLL-AA8AZJ
Steel design according to EN: The issue in the determination of the critical class for stability in the fire resistance check has been fixed. JPOL-AA4EVF
The design of reinforcement for 2D members crashed when a concrete 2D member belonged to the structural model only. The issue has been fixed. NNLL-AA7JWN, CSCT-AAGBKT
Steel connections according to EN: the results were deleted in a specific project after closing the setup dialogue without any change. The issue has been fixed. NNLL-AA97W7
Import of slabs from XML with the coordinates defined in a non-standard way (x,y,z=values instead of x=value, y=value, z=value) has been fixed. JPOL-AA9BX6
It was not possible to run the 'Section check' tool for languages like French, German, Polish, etc. The problem has been fixed. NNLL-AA8EX7
Problem with exporting of 3D and 2D PDF (which appeared only in random cases) has been fixed. NNLL-AABM9N
Missing references from a slab to its ribs can now be fixed by running the Check Structure Data function. JPOL-AACFZ2
Steel connections according to EN: empty error messages are not dispalyed any more. JPOL-AAJE6M
The issue with soil load has been fixed - sometimes, the soil load was not fully distributed when part of the soil load reached the end of the beam. The issue has been solved. NNLL-AAN9UN
Cross-sections: A test has been added to avoid the input of a zero thickness for thin-walled elements in general cross-sections. NNLL-AAGKSS
Timber design according to EN: There was a crash for an arbitrary member which did not fulfill the conditions of a single or double tapered member. This issue has been fixed. NNLL-AANCLS
Concrete design according to NEN-EN: The check of xu,lim is now only performed for beam members. The limitation for the N value is corrected with 0.1 factor. NNLL-AAQG5E
SCIA Engineer Help has been updated to reflect the recent changes in the software. ISCS-AAZCEK
The translation has been updated. JPOL-AAZGLG
The Search capability in ESA.CHM help file was not working. The issue has been fixed. It was caused by transfer of CHM compilation to another computer where certain Microsoft components were not properly registered. NNLL-ABCHUC