Release notes - SCIA Engineer 16.0 - Patch 2

The following issues have been fixed in SCIA Engineer 16.0.2031
Description of fixed issue Ticket Number
Crash of 1D internal forces in specific conditions. NNLL-A8HM7Y
Automatic hiding of Command line. HBAI-AA4AEN, HBAI-ACEC6P, RMAA-ACJEVG
Problem with pictures containing reinforcement hooks. NNLL-AA4BFF
In some specific cases it was not possible to export Paperspace drawings to DWG, DXF (it was necessary to run SCIA Engineer as an administrator). Exporting routine was improved to prevent such problems. NNLL-AAGBVQ
Export of metafile pictures into RTF. It is now again possible to export wired pictures to RTF as vector metafile pictures. NNLL-AAHFS2
Displaying of parameters for point force in node. NNLL-AAJL8Q, NNLL-AAZBEQ, NNLL-ACW6QF
Crash in 3D stress display. RMAA-AARD7D
Wrong values in tables of extremes by cross-sections. NNLL-AAQKNJ, NNLL-ABBG5A, NNLL-ABKG5Z, NNLL-AAAGJE, NNLL-AB89FJ
Incorrect orientation of calculated deformation on beams displayed with respect to LCS. JPOL-AAZH3Z, RMAA-AB4BLW
Member Buckling Data: The 'Edit buckling' option is now available if either 'Buckling ky,kz ...' or 'All other ...' are set to 'User input'. HBAI-AB6D5Z
Display of 3D displacement and 3D stresses on haunches and arbitrary beams was improved. Unwanted ‘steps’ were removed NNLL-ABFHCR
Option deformed structure in 3D displacement and 3D stress was not linked to scale settings from "Setup: Scales". Now option "Scale type: Real ratio" respects the settings from "Deformation 1:x" and option "Scale type: Automatic ratio" shows the deformation scaled to maximal displacement value, with the displacement visualised as 1m displacement. RMAA-ACA9SS
Crash while creating Result class without any existing load case. JPOL-ACAGMQ
Default template for table with shear reinforcement. JPOL-ACUBZQ
Missing technical modules were added. RMAA-ABZGK5
Composite beam EN: Polish version now displays proper translations. JPOL-ACFL88
Problem with the generation of intersection between two circular slabs using Intersection command from Structure service. JPOL-A9TGD6
Output of accelerations for harmonic and Karman vortex shedding load cases. JBES-A6CKL5
Invalid results for option ‘Unify eigenshapes’ set to ON in seismic load case. NNLL-AASGJE, NNLL-AASHQ4
Crash of solver during seismic modal superposition. NNLL-ABBC8J
Cross-sections: Dimension-line label for composite section '2Usw + cP' RMAA-AAQJB4
General Cross-section: Changes to the initial shape are now correctly saved. CSCT-ABLFVL
Line supports defined on a common edge of two subregions in a slab may get ignored in the calculation. For the time being, this issue must be handled manually in the project. The slab must be split into several partial slabs instead of using subregions. A warning listing the ignored supports is now issued, so the user is informed about the problem. The issue will be fully fixed in coming versions as it requires extensive changes to the algorithms applied. JPOL-A9SDGG
Problem with mesh generation in specific situation. CSCT-ACWBHE
Outputs in Concrete 15 service: Polish version now displays proper translations. NNLL-AAVLG2
The issue in the algorithm for the calculation of effective width. NNLL-AAABES, NNLL-ABUHAB
Variable loads are now properly accounted for in the check of deflections. NNLL-AABC8A
SLS-Characteristic nad SLS-Quasi-Permanent combinations are now correctly recognised in displaying the warning message. CSCT-AAZBT8
The limitation in Section Check tool to input stirrups using reinforcement layout in rectangular cross-sections of larger dimensions was removed. NNLL-ABMJ6B
Czech translations for "Reinf." = "Výztuž" and "Not possible" = "Nelze" are now correct. JPOL-ABNGSH
Concrete 15: If only torsion load in columns is used, then the number of cuts (ns) is not used in the calculation of detailing. NNLL-ABVJJ8
Correction of capacity check for Dutch NEN NA. NNLL-ABZ9UR
DIN-NA not working properly in Concrete 15: National annex is not correctly refreshed, which comes from an incorrect user modification of the annex database where option "Show both the Default EN and NA methods" was used. To fix it, the user must manually open the National Annex manager and click EDIT button on the DIN annex. Then, immediately click OK. And the design works properly. NNLL-ABYJYL
The explanation text about the recalculation of designed bars to edges was improved. NNLL-ABYRAF
In some situations, the Section Check tool did not start and an exception occurred. NNLL-AC2FTF, JPOL-ACBHYP
Concrete15: Changes made in 'Concrete settings' now properly delete the already calculated results. Consequently, the correct results are always displayed. RMAA-AC7JR8
EN1992 - NEN NA : Check of compression height xu_lim is corrected for normal forces exceeding the limit.
User-scale isolines are supported only for the Location option set to ‘In. nodes, avg’ and ‘In, nodes. avg.on macros’ NNLL-AAHE7E
Results of automatic design of reinforcement are now displayed on a single click on Refresh button. NNLL-AANDDS
It is now possible to display together result values 'Standard' and 'Section' using Member design ULS (for 2D member) in Concrete service. NNLL-ABYD39
Connections EN: Some bolts were not deleted. NNLL-AB7L2W
Connections EN: No error message is displayed in the summary output regardless of which side is used for bolt activation. NNLL-ABUJFQ
Connections EN: Problem with detection of bolts. NNLL-AC2FTD
FEM solver has been updated. NNLL-A9K93A, NNLL-AASLWE
Some structures may require the use of a different type of eigenvalue solver. If so, a new message is displayed during calculation. NNLL-AAJEKC
Graphical interpretation of free load has been updated. RMAA-ACFJ8T
Dutch translation has been updated. HBAI-AA8AQP
French translation has been updated. HBAI-ABBC35
Translation of result class corrected. NNLL-ACAE7N
Unrequired cross-section calculations are now skipped while displaying the 3D displacements in order to speed up the display of results. NNLL-ABRCLD
Steel IS800: The brief output is now properly shown.
Steel NBR: A warning is if an unsupported cross-section is used. NNLL-ABSKQD
Steel AISI: Determination of the effective shape in centroidal coordinates if the axis switch is used. PVTO-ACBCMV
Steel EC-EN: Added a missing table to the TLX file for the Cold-Formed Detailed output HBAI-ACAJ3M
A warning before calculation was added saying which panel is wrong. Removal of the panel with missing geometry was fixed. NNLL-ABS9HN
Timber: Fixed a discrepancy between the Brief and Detailed outputs. NNLL-AAPL68
Timber: Fixed an issue in the check in case a huge amount of LTB restraints was used. NNLL-AAXC9J
Issues with command line. HBAI-A22FSQ
Problem with cross hair cursor that got stuck after pressing Esc while zooming NNLL-ABMBER