Release notes - SCIA Engineer 17.01 - Patch 2

The following issues have been fixed in SCIA Engineer 17.01.2031
Description of the issue Ticket number
A new message about the used functionality is displayed. NNLL-AMAHT9
The calculation of internal forces in ribs has been adapted. NNLL-ANS7QW
The problem with a wrongly reported loads has been fixed. NNLL-APGEXX
The format of the path defining the connection between Allplan and SCIA Engineer is fixed in the 1st patch of 17.01. If release version of 17.01 is already installed it is necessary to uninstall it and do new installation. JVCE-ANDL4T
The occasional crash in the Live preview in the Align dialogue has been fixed. NNLL-ANZ6Q8
The labelling of time steps (including t=0) in the dynamic time history analysis has been fixed. NDES-APFCK2
Technical modules were moved from ESAS.01 to ESAS.00. NNLL-ANQB2C
The issue with some generated line forces has been fixed. NNLL-AP7CMM
The problem with wrong reporting of incorrect entities has been fixed. NNLL-AP79U5
The issue with existing results for a missing load case has been fixed. RWEX-APDJQ9
The generation of masses during calculation was optimized. NNLL-APPJ4E
The message has been modified. RMAA-ANHDV5
The problem with a free point force in project types PlateXY and WallXY has been fixed. NNLL-ANY9UR
For punching check and design a new condition has been implemented for the Irish NA: VEd <= 2VRdc at the first control perimeter. RMAA-AETA9M
Switching of envelope to minimum / maximum / absolute extreme for 2D concrete internal forces has been fixed. JVCE-AP7KVV
The problem with taking into account longitudinal reinforcement for torsion was solved and tested in version 17 (17.01.45) RMAA-ALYACB
Newly added strings in concrete checks are now properly translated. JPOL-AJLS3P
The 2D concrete design crashed due to failed pre-processing of reinforcement data. The pre-processing algorithm has been adapted. NNLL-AP5G68
The concrete 2D design failed with error message "Check failed. Not all members were checked." The problem with memory was fixed. JPOL-APCBEV
The coefficient for reduction of concrete strength of compressive strut in 2D reinforcement design was not properly taken from the Concrete settings. The calculation procedure was updated. NNLL-AP8QRM
The behaviour when limit cracking force fct,eff = 0 MPa is used, has been fixed - coefficient dzeta is set to 1 - section is fully cracked. NNLL-AM7CLD
The action to generate a new combination from the combination key is now disabled for the concrete reinforcement design commands. RMAA-AH4HCX
If a hinge is present only on a part of intersection it is necessary to use the ‘v16 and older’ postprocessing environment. NNLL-ANHBE6
The problem with 2D supports and subregions on slabs has been fixed. NNLL-ANXCLV
The issue with a subregion of a variable thickness has been fixed. NNLL-ANGHQ5
The help has been updated, the information about the licence requirement has been added. NNLL-APBJWR
The issue in the bending and compression check in which the maximum moments were considered for non-prismatic members has been solved. The actual moments at the decisive position are now considered for non-prismatic members.




Check of structure data now detects and corrects this specific use case with corrupted data. NNLL-ANLFD2
The occasional incorrect generation of tributary areas has been fixed.



The issue that SCIA Engineer freezes when the tributary area method is set for load recalculation has been fixed.