Release notes - SCIA Engineer 17.0

The following issues have been fixed in SCIA Engineer 17.0.
Description of the issue Ticket Number
An issue with view parameter setting for construction stages was fixed. NNLL-AHKKPV
The issue when standard load could be moved to load case of self-weight was fixed. JPOL-AKAHTQ
It was not possible to show results on ribs / integration strips in case there were existing nonlinear combinations but nonlinear analysis had not been performed. The problem is now fixed. NNLL-AKGE7M
Slight difference in paper size definition for A4 exported from Engineering report was fixed. NNLL-ALLJY4
Fixed French translation typos in project dialog and in steel profile library. JEAM-ALYFMU
Problem with message saying that climatic load setup was changed is fixed. NNLL-AJFGHD
All slabs with status “correct 3d solid” are recognized and converted into slabs from now on. JPOL-AKUGE4
Composite EN: issue in the calculation of relative position of the section is fixed by rounding the function. RCCO-AKUKC9
Composite analysis model can now handle composite columns. NNLL-ALTBTD
Connections EN: Reference strings were fixed in the output. NNLL-AJPF3R
Problem with removing of intersections during calculation was fixed. CSCT-AHBBMB
Problem with improper connection by intersections was fixed. NNLL-AJJBU2
Export of free loads with complicated geometry - with many circle arc edges was optimised. Now the generation is quicker than in previous version. NNLL-AKBDDZ
Fix of behaviour of seismic combination according IBC was implemented. RMAA-AJNK4K
Fixed issue in seismic analysis of models combining 2D members and rigid links. NNLL-AFPHAD
Problem with wrong "dx" value in result tables in case of seismic load case was fixed NNLL-AGVEXD
Cross-section: Fixed an issue in the 2D FEM analysis in case non-standard symbols are used within the path of the TEMP folder. NNLL-AE2AN2
Problem when point force connected to structure with line rigid arm was not taken in account is fixed. DPIS-AJZEHG
Fixed: correct handling of non-conservative behaviour of friction supports in nonlinear construction stages analysis. NNLL-AGKN29
Connection EN: modified calculation of bolt corrected shear resistance. The abs shear force is subtracted and the final value cannot be negative. NNLL-ALS93V
Warning about the line load which is not taken in account because of some technical issues is displayed. Necessary to input the load on subregion edge. JPOL-AHKHE2
There was problem with internal forces in single check for Design As, the problem was solved. RCCO-AJNGUL
When adding new real reinforcement in concrete columns and Concrete member data exists. Correct diameter of reinforcement according CMD is used. JPOL-AJLRW8
Stability in Provided reinforcement library editor is improved. JPOL-AJLRZT
The issue, when rectangle sections are prepared from T or I shapes is fixed - number of edges now corresponds. JPOL-AJTHFS
There were issues in limits for crack width for NEN annex. The limits for pre-stressed reinforcement were used. The limits for normal reinforcement are correctly used now. NNLL-AJZEYR
Mean strain in compressive concrete is compared with limit based on chapter 6.1(5) according to status of the load. For concentric load where e / h <0,1 is used eps_c2(3) instead of eps_cu2(3); see 6.1(5) from EN code. NNLL-AK4DRV
Correction of calculation of UC for capacity diagram. NNLL-AKQL3V
Confusing ",*" in Check status for Interaction diagram in Scia Concrete Section was removed. NNLL-ALYDSK
Issue with different results in Table results (brief) and Standard/Detailed output in concrete checks was fixed. Issue appeared rarely on beams with intermediate supports in sections closed to support loaded with envelope combinations NNLL-ALYJVR
Problem with not correct notation of surfaces at header of table dedicated to explain errors and warnings of concrete 2D design (NEDIM). The notation was fixed to correctly mark proper surfaces. NNLL-AL7BTZ
Connections EN: table with unity checks added to the summary output for welded connections. HBAI-AJ4HAL
Connections EN: fixed reading of stiffness from the hinge for stiffness check. NNLL-AKQGX5
Connections EN: condition for running the lever arm check was modified. NNLL-AKYKR7
Connections EN: crash-fix for RHS connections. RMAA-ALTGTV
Dutch translated string for connection design has been corrected. JVCE-ALLE5D
New message before deleting results appears. JPOL-AHCHQN
Omitted formatting character in string IDS_SME_WARNING1 has been fixed. RCCO-ALQQVL
Bug in which the steel setup settings are set to default when changing the national annex has been solved in SCIA Engineer 17.0. All the settings in the steel setup are now copied when switching to a different national annex. JVCE-AKQDTY
Problem with generation of loads from load panel is fixed. NNLL-AHBDDF
Problem with deformation of load panels during copying was fixed. NNLL-AKPGX9
Crash during load panel input was fixed. NNLL-ALH6Q9
Profile mapping table for L shapes in Tekla link is fixed. NNLL-AJLEYM
Timber: Fixed a crash caused by a different section count between the linear and non-linear analysis. NWEB-9L7KPK
Fixed problem with snow load generation on partial zone. NNLL-AHSJ3Z
Correct loading of alpha_cc during punching calculation. DPIS-AHVJME
Fixes in seismic combination according to IBC. JTRK-AJNN6F
Correction of calculation after check structure data. NNLL-AJRJGK
Crash during closing of SCIA Engineer reported by crash report was fixed. NNLL-AJYCM7
Correction of taking k_max into account for punching check for BS NA. JPOL-AL6FFZ