Release notes - SCIA Engineer 17.01

The following issues have been fixed in SCIA Engineer 17.01.
Description of the issue Ticket Number
Occasional issues while closing SCIA Engineer with several opened project on the background. NNLL-AHKC95
Message with an explanation is now displayed if the type of structure is missing or improperly set in the Project data dialogue. NNLL-AJRHPK
Occasional issue in the export of supports has been fixed. NNLL-AK8F37
If a member transferring only axial forces is divided by sections on beam, a message is displayed warning that the structure would be unstable. NNLL-AKVDDZ
Innternal edges can be input only if just one slab is selected. RMAA-AEXHZN
The message warning about doubled supports has been modified. NNLL-AFZEL7
A warning is now displayed if subregions have incorrectly input variable thickness. JEAM-ALZCNG
The Punching functionality in the Concrete Advance menu cannot be used for nodes on contact of two plates with different thickness.  
The message has been updated to inform user clearly about this fact. NNLL-AK3DRX
The incorrect Chapter reference number in "Calculation of mean strain in the reinforcement and concrete" in the online help was removed. NNLL-AN5B2F
The issue with occasionally empty error dialogues in steel connection design has been fixed. NNLL-AHXP77
In steel connections module, support for haunch has been added to the shear resistance calculation for welded connections. NNLL-AM9BEV
In steel design according to EC-EN, the issue of freezing software in case of inconsistent buckling results has been fixed. NNLL-ALAGJM
The evaluation of extreme values of reaction resultant occasionally displayed only one extreme value. For resultants in post-processing environment ‘v17’, both extremes are always displayed in 3D scene as well as in Table Results. KVEE-ALCC93
Calculation of 3D stresses was incorrect for cross-sections with rotated principal axes. This issue has been fixed. NNLL-ALQKPV
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