Release information - SCIA Engineer 17.01

Installation of SCIA Engineer 17.01

SCIA Engineer 17.01 patch is a separate application (next to SCIA Engineer 17.0), including registry settings and user folders.

By activating the option “Copy users settings from SCIA Engineer 17.0” all user settings will be copied.

SCIA Engineer is only forward compatible.

(Files from version 17.01 can be opened in version 17.1, but files from 17.01 cannot be opened in 17.0)


New features included in SCIA Engineer 17.01

Extended functionality for 2D members

New options and features of 2D member includes modelling of diaphragms for lateral load transfer and changing the type and behavior of 2D member (available options: standard plate, metal deck, composite deck, or load panel and the element behavior can be set to one of the new diaphragm behaviors or to standard FEM behavior). More info can be found here .

Support for EN1992 for design of concrete building in compliance with the Spanish National Annex
V17 Postprocessing Environment is now the default option.

SCIA Engineer (from version v17) provides the possibility to choose between two post-processing environments.

The post-processing environment provides access to steps occurring after the calculation: visualization of results, code checks design.

Not all functionalities are supported in v17 environment yet, it is an ongoing process.

All existing functionalities of SCIA Engineer are regularly available in the post environment v16 and older (Nothing has been deleted: all options are available in v16 but you can might not benefit of recent development) More info can be found here.